Sunday, November 7, 2010

The garden grows more !!!

These 2 weeks have been amazing we have lots of plants and the plants have grown so big. Now we also have eatable flowers called marigolds. We think that the silverbeet and beetroot has grown big. Myah and Catlin love watering the garden every Monday.

Written by Myah and Catlin
Photos by Sharnika and Sheetel  

Our first garden club blog post here. See how we grow.


  1. Well done Garden Club!

    Do the marigolds taste nice?

    Beetroot is my mum's favourite food in the whole entire world. She grows lots of it and makes all sorts of delicious things out of it, including salads, dips, soups and even beetroot chocolate cake!

  2. That garden looks very productive. I will share this with my Y1&2 class. We have been thinking about slow change and wanting to plant some seeds. How wonderful to have created such a beautiful garden and grow things you can eat. Yum!
    Ms Donnell, Kaipara Flats

  3. Wow, what a great looking garden! When I plant marigolds in my garden the snails eat them instead of my lettuces. One time I found 30 snails on one plant and my lettuces grew happily uneaten next to them,

    Ms Rogers
    Rm 10
    Paremata School

  4. Fantastic work! We're going to try rejuvenating our veggie garden at school next year.

    Have you tried any of your produce yet? I've never eaten marigolds, although I have tried nasturtium flowers in a salad.

  5. I am genuinely impressed! My garden is somewhat neglected at the moment and I know I am going to really miss my summer veges this year...

    If I was going to start a project like this with my class... what would I need to get started at school? When could I plant certain seeds and what recipes could I use once our veges had grown?

    I reckon, if you could put together a wee manual for teachers and classrooms, it would be incredibly useful as a resource... (Well for me, anyway!)


  6. How exciting! I wish we could be buddy classes online. We are in the middle of a very exciting learning time growing vegetables at our school too. Your garden looks amazing! You might want to check out our blog and see what we have been up to.

    and you might want to check out our wonder vine that is now full of questions about growing... and we are starting on answers...
    We would love it if you wanted to email us too-
    Mrs K

  7. What a great looking garden! My wife and I made our first real garden this past summer. We built a couple raised flower beds and grew tomatoes, lettuce, and a bunch of cucumbers. The tomatoes were really good, but the lettuce died. (I didn't eat the cucumbers, I don't like them :)

  8. I had no idea you could eat Marigolds! I live in America and I'm a college student in the state of Georgia. My mom loves to grow arigolds in our flower beds. I love your garden and admire the teamwork it takes to keep up a garden and a blog!


  9. Dear Mr Squires we have not tasted them yet but we will.

  10. Thank you Ms Donnell, Kaipara Flats.

  11. Dear Caroline Rogers to keep the snails away you need snail bait.

  12. Thank you for your comments.


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