Thursday, November 11, 2010

Podcast for week 5


  1. Kia ora Shawn and Shradha!

    You guys are sounding brilliant. I love your radio news! I like the way you have interviews happening with Catherine and Mr Wood. Is someone filming the performances?I am really curious to see what the Gumboot dance looks like... We will look out for next week's news!

    Ms Bee

  2. Hi there Shawn and Shadra,
    I thought your podcast was very well put together. I was very interested to hear about the gumboot dance. Last term, our class made different musical instruments and Thomas made gumboot shakers. They were awesome when he stamped his feet to make a rhythm. I will have to get him to listen to your podcast.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Ms Donnell Kaipara Flats


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