Thursday, April 30, 2009

Team 17 Reflection of Week 1, Term 2

Team 17 have jumped into the new term with enthusiasm and are already showing how engaged self-directed learners can be. The following reflections were made in small groups on some different topcis, and the photos were taken to reflect the subjects. Well done team 17, I am proud of you. Mr Wood.

Maths: Measuring Temperature
It was exciting when we had maths and we were finding out what the temperature was in other countries.
Team 17 has figured out how to calculate degrees Fahrenheit to degrees Celsius.

Science: Insulation and temperature
Water boils when it reaches 100C and it freezes below 0C.
For science this week, everyone in class went to the staff room with Mr Wood to get an ice-cube for the challenge. We tried to make it last long.

Our new classroom layout
The classroom looks cool and next week we will get our laptops but we don't get to play games.
Our new classroom has been layed-out for us to use laptops.

Reading Buddies
Today we got new reading buddies from room 7 and we will help them read every Friday.
My year 2 buddy is very eager to read like year six children do.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Middle School Swimming Sports

BubbleShare: Share photos - Play some Online Games.

Swimming Winners
James: 1st Backstroke and Freestyle
Duot: 2nd Freestyle
Camilla: 2nd Freestyle and Backstroke
Losaline: 1st Backstroke and 3rd Freestyle
Kasanita: 2nd Freestyle and 2nd Backstroke
Macane: 2nd Freestyle and 1st Backstroke
Linda: 1st Freestyle and 3rd Backstroke
Kristine: 2nd Backstroke

Monday, April 6, 2009

Words reflecting images

Team 17 explored creating creative sentences from the wonderful images at Pic.Lits. We have been learning to identify and use adjectives and adverbs.
PicLit from PicLits.comby SK
See the full PicLit at

PicLit from PicLits.comby PN
See the full PicLit at

Star of Week 10

Star of Week 10 is Shweta C for excellent focus on her learning. Well done!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Night Stars

Our group made a playground, we worked as a team, we did a brainstorm, we drew plans and got materials. When we built it together like a team, we made sure it was strong enough to hold the rats, and we made a good doorway for the rats. Then we reflected. We made a huge improvement by working as a team and we had new ideas, like making a slide and a tunnel.

By Katrina, Lisha, Linda, Latana-Maree and Cara

$5 Special Reflection

We had a task to make a rat playground. It was hard at first but we managed to do it. When we finished we answered questions about the rat playground. The reason we did it is because we wanted the rats to like it. After the rats went out of the playground we discussed how we could make the playground better.

By Phoenix, Damon, River, Rizal and Young-Blood

Bring It On Reflection

During the project my group worked well. We had some ups and downs, but we were fine. We a really cool playground. It was colourful.

Our leader helped us with our plans. We had some questions, like "what do they eat?" Our presentation people did our research. We discussed everything in our brainstorm. Then we created plans. At the end we did a self-reflection.
By Shweta K, Losaline, Camilla, Natalia and Kasanita

Shark Eaters Reflection

Our group has done a very good teamwork. We were making and demolishing new ideas. James was very curious about what we were doing. Macane didn't care but now he does. Bryan started with singing and now he doesn't sing. I really care about the group and what they do and how they do it.

We first asked questions then we researched and we made our draft model playground. Then we made our proper one because of the discussion. The we reflected.
By Ben, Bryan, James, Macane and Duot

Rat Lovers Reflection

We have worked together on this project as a team. We're really proud of ourselves. As a team we asked questions, we have researched on the internet, we have discussed together, we have been thinking creatively, and we have reflected. We have finished our playground and we are really looking forward to the rats enjoying our playground.

By Shweta C, Rebecca, Alex, Karen and Kristine.

Chocolate Fish for Comments

Whānau and parents of Team 17, we want you to comment on our blog. Each comment from a parent or whānau of Team 17 will receive a chocolate fish from Mr Wood as a small thank you for taking part in our class learning.
Open until the end of term 1.

by Nicki-G