Thursday, November 18, 2010

Vinegar Volcanoes

Vinegar Volcanoes
The Blog Dogs have done a volcano experiment like the one we read about in School Journal P2N2 2002, "Make a Volcano" by Jan Trafford this week. In small groups Team 17 compared them, and made 'Same / Different' T-charts of the two methods?

The group members choose roles of 'Narrator - Recorder - Actor - Supervisor' before planning their ingredients and method. Once they had set-up and practiced, ready were to record. The teamwork and cooperation in the groups was amazing. 

What do you think of our volcanoes below?


  1. Dear Mr. Wood,
    This project sounds cool and fun. As i watched the video I was thinking of this project i did in school. Vinegar Volcanoes are weird because they are science. I enjoy experiments because you hypothesize and see if your right.


  2. It's pretty cool that you guys made volcanoes. I've never made a volcano before.

  3. I love doing this experiment with my students. I also use it to discuss states of matter and mixing. When you mix the solid (baking soda) and a liquid (vinegar) it creates a gas. We sometimes put the vinegar in the bottle, then baking soda in a balloon. Then attach the balloon to the top of the bottle. Empty the baking soda into the bottle. The gas should get trapped in balloon. See what happens. Keep up the great science experiments!

  4. Hi Baily road team 17,

    Those vinegar volcanoes look totaly awsome.

    From Lachlan


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