Friday, September 24, 2010

Culture Masks

For technology this term we studied masks from different cultures. We explored how they were made, what made them unique and their cultural patterns. After that we designed four draft sketches and finally created a full colour drawing. Eventually the long process began as we drew the designs on with pencil, which was harder then doing it on paper. Some people painted their background first and others filled them along with the designs. Then we painted many layers of fill and outline to get strong colour. 

See our last blog post about how we weaved flax which many have added to their mask. We did a self-reflection using a rubric and have blogged our mask photos on our own kidblogs.

Our masks reflect our cultures, can you guess some of them?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Inanimate Alice

After a term of exploring the digital stories of 'inanimate Alice' all our groups finished their stories this week. We peer-assessed each others work then gave the groups time to work on our feedback. Today we watched all the 'inanimate Alice: Samoa' digital stories created in PowerPoint. You can see our learning journey on our Inanimate Alice wiki.

Steven, Nick and Isaiah who created the one below were voted the as for creating most exciting digital story that included all the 'inanimate Alice' elements. Well done boys!

We uploaded the PowerPoint to SlideShare, however all the music, sound effects and interaction has been lost in the process. We may provide the original file as a download at a later date.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Weaving Flax

On the 20th of September we were weaving flax. First we read a article in the School Journal. The story was about weaving flax. When we finished reading we went to the native plant garden to get flax to weave and put on our mask. When we got there Mr Wood showed us the mother, father and grandparent leaves. Then we had to say a Karakia (Prayer). Mr Wood then started cutting the flax. We each got 2 flax leaves. We went back to the class ready to turn flax into flowers. When we finished making them we stuck them onto our cultural identity masks.




Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Inanimate Alice

Over the past 2 week Team 17 from Bailey Road Primary and Intermediate school have been making their own episode 5 of Inanimate Alice: Samoa. We chose Samoa because many of our class are Samoan and we also did some class research about Samoan culture. 

We have 6 groups for this challenge and we are still working on this challenge. We have already finished writing the scripts, getting sounds, writing the scripts on the slides, deciding who does what for the PowerPoint.

So far we are working on inserting sound, transitions, special effects and images. We are also adding the finishing touches. We will be sending all our digital Alice stories to Ian Harper the producer of ‘inanimate Alice’ and Mr Wood is going to enter the best Alice story into the Makeup awards. 

You can find more information on our wiki here.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Sharnika Plants a Tree

When I went to KIP camp I did gardening and planted broccoli in the vegetable garden. It was fun. 

I got a pahutakawa tree for our school and this is a photo of me planting it in our native tree garden. Sheetel, Vivek and my teacher helped dig the hole. Vivek took the photos and Sheetel helped hold things.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

AFL and cricket

Yesterday we played cricket and the game we played was batting the ball in the middle of cones you get 12 points. We learnt a skill about how to hold a bat and bat it. We learn another skill called hit the ball and bat it like a paintbrush.

On Wednesday we had AFL coaches and we played handball. We learnt to pass the ball by holding in in one hand and hitting it with our other fist on the x.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Netball Winners

This trophy was given to us by Oranga Netball because we won all of our games. We were  hoping that we could win this too, and win did!

The trophy below is an individual trophy. Everyone who played this year got one.

By Saylor

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Making culture wikis

This term Mr Wood told us about the net guide competition. I was so excited because I have not entered one before. This term everyone in Team 17 has been working on their wiki so hard to win.

Here are all the names of the wiki's, you can click on them to visit them.
Culture-Samoa: Bernadette, Viola, and Tyler wiki teaches us about Samoan dance.
India-rocks:Priyasha, Sheetel and Shradha's wiki on Indian culture.
Pasifica-goods: Henrica, Jan and Saylor wiki on pacific culture.
TheOceananas: Loretta, Pearl and Mapili explore some of the pacific cultures.
Tongan-kings: Shawn, Vivek and Sam explore Tongan culture.
Twoasone: Akansha, Shradha, and Catherine compare Indian and Philippine cultures.
SonsofSamoa: Eugene, Nick and Steven exploring everything Samoan.

What do you like about them so far?
What do you think they need to improve?

By Loretta

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Museum Trip

On the 24th of August we went to Auckland Museum. We went to see patterns and learn about different cultures.
First Sid showed us the Pataka. A Pataka is a old moari fridge. It usually has a few taniwhas on the outside to protect the food. The Pataka we looked at had 12 taniwha. Sid told us that only children under 7 were allowed to enter but first they had to recite their family history.