Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Podcast for week 4

Mapili, Catherine and Sheetel present Team 17's week 4 podcast. Shawn recorded and edited the podcast in Audacity.


  1. I thought you all spoke clearly, you also kept your news interesting and short.

    Shawn, nice work on adding the news jingles, it adds a professional tone.

  2. To Team 17 and Mr Wood,
    I enjoyed listening to your podcast and will share it with my class next week. It sounded very professional. It inspired me to try it with my class too.

    Mrs Yore and the Middles at

  3. Wow! Well Done on your podcast for Week 4. I found it very interesting and just by looking at the volcano hats you can tell that everyone has worked really hard on them. Also a well done to the team that won.
    Overall I think that your podcast was very good and it was very clear what you were saying. Well Done!



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