Sunday, November 28, 2010

How To Make A Quill Pen

On Monday the 29 November, a student named Mapili, who made a Quill Pen by followed these steps.

Step 1: Find a large feather and ink.

Step 2: Cut the Quill diagonally ( an angle ) .

Step 3: Dip the Quill into the ink well.

Dab the Quill on a spare paper to prevent blobs.

Step 4: Write gently and try not to smudge.

Written by Mapili,Pearl

Photos by Mapili.


  1. Thank you for sharing this spontaneous learning project with us. The images look amazing.

  2. Wow! That was a cool thing to do! I have never used a quill pen before!

    Mrs She at Pt England School, Auckland.

  3. I have two fountain pens, and I am a bit messy with the ink (it goes in a cartridge), but I am inspired by your post to try making a quill pen. Thanks for sharing the instructions.

    Where did you find your feather? Do you know what type of bird it comes from? Where did you find your ink? Perhaps I can use the same ink that goes with my fountain pen.

  4. I love the quill pen. Did you just decide to make one or was it related to something you were doing in class? If it was your own idea, what prompted you to do it?
    Forget about new age technology, how much fun would it be to receive a letter written by someone in a quill pen and then perhaps sealed with a wax mark!
    Thanks for sharing your learning.
    (Class teacher NZ)

  5. I love the instructions written with the pen. How often does the end need cut or sharpened? Is this something the class is going to do later as an art or history project?

  6. Kudos on a beautiful project. Photo #2 looks like it could be enlarged and framed. I find it interesting that in this day and age when we are surrounded by (and usually enamored by) our high tech gadgets, the quill pen and its effect on paper evokes so much emotion.

    A museum-worthy project.

    Richmond, BC Canada

  7. Hi Mapili
    thank you for sharing this with the class. It was really amazing.
    Thank you mapili for also telling us how to make one.

    Why did decide to make a quill pen?

  8. I was wondering does the Quill ever need cutting again and where do you get the ink from? I think that it is awesome that all the instructions are written in the ink. Do you have any idea what type of bird it is that the feather is from?
    Whose idea was it to make the Quill?



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