Monday, February 22, 2010

Pacific Polynesians Blog

Hi our team is called PACIFIC POLYNESIAN'S and for short we are called P.P hahaha :-)
Our team is called PACIFIC POLYNESIAN'S because we come from different islands.
My name is Henrica and the people in our team is Bernie Eugene and Anitesh.
The people that read our blog is people all around the world.
BYE-BYE and hope you like our blog by the way our team is called P.P hahaha.

Precious Diamonds Blog

We are Precious Diamonds.
The people in our group are Malachi 1, Sheetel 2, Tyler 3, and Viola 4.
We think people like teachers and students from other schools will read our blog, also family.

Super Stars Team Blog

We are called Super Stars
There are four people in our group
Our members are
  • Kiu
  • AJ
  • Sharnika
  • Akansha
People from around the world: parents, teachers, students, principals.

Team Avatar Blog

We are Team Avatar!
Our team name is Avatar.
Our names are Steven, Nick, Catherine, Jan.
Everybody in the world, parents family, other people from other countries, cousins.

Kool Kids Team Blog

Were a team, we work together, we stay on task, we work with the K and not the C. Cause we are the Kool Kids.
Roll Call:
My name is Saylor yeah.
Her name is Retta yeah.
His name is Shawn yeah
and her name is Pearl.
And where the kool kids and We think Mr Barrak Obarmar will read ours because we think he is good and intelligent to us as well as John Key.
Thank for reading the blog.

Luna Eclipse Team Blog

We are called the Luna Eclipse. The team is Vivek no1, Mapili no2, Shradha no3 and Priyasha no4.

People we think will read our blog. Students from other school, teachers from other countries, parents, grandad, grandma, and family, friends and other classmates, and other people from other countries.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Garden Club

Our Year 6 Garden Club has planted their very first edible garden. After tasting and smelling some herbs and vegetables from Mr Wood's garden we got to work. We dug in compost for food, then planted seedlings and seeds. Lastly we watered our garden. We are taking turns watering it everyday.
School Garden Club

Friday, February 12, 2010

Brainstorming our Class Treaty

This week we in Team 17 have been learning to brainstorm in groups. Brainstorming is a thinking strategy for a group to share their brain power. Together we can come up with more creative ideas than on our own.

Below is the treaty we came up with.
We agree to respect this class treaty:
1.    I am here to learn!
2.    Teach each other
3.    Be polite
4.    Be kind
5.    Be helpful
6.    Be fair
7.    Be ready
8.    Follow teacher rules
9.    Use the Bailey Road H.E.A.R.T

There are different types of brainstorming. We have learnt Round Robin where everyone gets a turn using different coloured markers. We also learnt about 4S Brainstorming where each group member has a role to help help each other.

We are also learning to comment on blogs. This week we are focusing on:
  1. Re-reading and editing our comments to check if what we wrote makes sense.
  2. Check that our sentences that have correct capital letters, punctuation and spelling.
All team 17 students, please comment on this blog. Each team member must choose a role from 4S Brainstorming (Speed Captain; Synergy Guru; Super Supporter; Captain of Silly). You will explain what the person playing your role does and says.