Monday, November 8, 2010

Our bird feeder

Cisco, Sheetel, Shradha and Catherine made a birdfeeder. Shradha took the photos, Sheetel and Catherine mixed the peanut butter and seeds, and Cisco shoved the mixture into the pine cone.

If you want to make a birdfeeder this is what you need:
-pine cone
-peanut butter

Once you got your things ready, you can start making your bird feeder
1. First mix your seeds with the peanut butter (make sure you get plenty of seeds.)
2. Once you mixed the mixture, get the pinecone and shove the mixture in ( get them right in so it gets tricky for them to eat.)
3. Get the piece of string and tie it tothe pinecone.
4. Tie the pinecone ( that is being held by the string) to a tree ( the highest you can go)
5. Just wait till you get some birds coming to your birdfeeder ( this might take a while, like days)

And you are done . This is a slide show while we were creating the birdfeeder.


  1. Team 17 - another wonderful post by yourself. I love the idea of using a Pine Cone as a Birdfeeder, all the different layers and textures of it really makes sense. I would love to see some video footage of the Birdfeeder online.

  2. Team 17,
    What a fantastic project! Your directions were great and I loved seeing the pictures. It looked like a lot of mucky fun.

    I am going to show your post to my grade 2/3 students. I think some of them might enjoy making bird feeders too.

    Mrs. Watson
    Grade 2/3
    British Columbia, Canada

  3. Hi all,

    Great written instructions Team 17 and I like the photos that you took to show the process.

    I think I remember a school or junior journal article about making bird feeders to attract birds to the school. Hopefully your feeders will work just as well.

  4. It is cool who many ways you can make bird feeders.

  5. Hello my name is George and I am from Cashmere Primary School. I can relate to this because our school uses bird feeders like this all over our school and they work really well. We have seen a lot more birds recently. You should come see our blog at http// and thanks for the brilliant slideshow and instructions.



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