Thursday, November 18, 2010

***The Best Volcano Experiment Ever***

Our group had Shawn, Henrica, Mapili and Sharnika. We were doing a volcano explosion experiment. What we were trying to do is making a volcano explode using chemical reactions.

Our ingredients were:
A small bottle
A bit of baking soda
1/4 of a glass cup of vinegar
1/2 of warm water
3 drops of red food colouring
and scrapings from crayons.

We took a video and 2 photos on our experiment. We had to do an re-actment since we didn't press the record button long enough. But this time we had more explosion.


  1. Hello I'm a student from Mr.Millers room and I write for his Blog. I liked your blog post with the volcano exploding. It was really cool. I hope I will hear from you again.

  2. Dear Henrica, Mapili, Sharnika and Shawn

    That volcanoe is really cool!

    Which volcanoe Went the highest and which one was the messiest?????

  3. Hi

    Wow you made a vineger volcano. That looks fun.


  4. These vingar volcanos are great!

    Eun Su :lol:

  5. Hi Team 17
    I really like your vinegar volacano`s
    They look really cool!


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