Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Why we blog

Today we got a question from a university student in Germany who wants to use our blog as an example to show her teacher. She had some questions for us and we answered her in this blog.

When did we started blogging?

We started blogging in the beginning of the year. We first had just a class blog that we all added to. Now we also have our own blogs.

Why did we started blogging?
We wanted to learn more about the internet and e-learning. We are also able to share our writing and learning with our families and the world.

Do we like blogging?
We do like blogging it's really awesome, we love writing our own blog. And we love reading and commenting on other class blogs. We really like getting comments.

How we use it? Our teacher (Mr. Wood) made us our own personal blogs and the class so we just log in and write a blog post about our learning or our own interests. We always put something about what we are learning each week on the class blog.

What we don't like about blogging?
We don't like it when we write a whole big paragraph and when we write the same thing on the blog it looks really short.

Will we continue blogging when we're older? Most of us promise we'll keep blogging.

Thank you Helena for asking us about our blogging.

Do you have any more questions for us???
Written by: Akansha and Shradha


  1. WOW, Akansha and Shradha. This is very convincing on becoming a blogger.

  2. Thank you so much for answering the questions!!!

  3. Hello class,

    I forgot to mention that I wrote an email to your teacher (It would have been too long for a post here I think) and I hope that he will tell you what I have written :-)
    But maybe he is shocked how much I have written ;)

    I would be very happy if you were interested in telling me more about how you learn at school! Mr. Wood could also give you my webpage adress so that you can see what I have to do there exactly. And maybe you or Mr. Wood will get to know some tools he does not know yet but which I wrote about.
    have a good day and best regards from Germany,


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