Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Garden Club Harvest Sale


On the first day of summer The Garden Club harvested their fresh meadow green silver beet.

Mr.Wood took them to the teacher's staff room so we could sell them to teachers and raise money, so the next time we grow our garden we could afford to buy seeds to keep on the fantastic progress.

They have been growing for 7 weeks and we have decided to harvest them. So that the next time they are fully grown (in week ten) we will harvest it again and hopefully it would be a lot bigger.

I would just like to thank all the Garden Club members for making sure the garden is always watered and 
healthy as it is their responsibility.

Post and Photos by Mapili


  1. Well done Garden Club, we made $20 towards our 2011 Garden Club. Remember to tell your whanau about our final Harvest Sale in the last week of the term.

  2. Thank you Mr. Wood and your students for the comments. I especially like the comments that address the spelling/punctuation errors. While I remind them often to check them, they obviously don't. Maybe the students' reminders will make more of an impression.

  3. I think the garden club inspires children to learn how to plant things and in the future be a gardener

  4. Wow, I can't believe how much you have grown!
    I hope you have made lots of money in your harvest sale to purchase new seeds - next year you can have even more growing in your garden!

    My class is growin dwarf sunflowers and bean plants at the moment. They can't wait to take them home over the holidays.

  5. Nice veges garden club members.


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