Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Garden Club

Today was our first Garden Club meeting.. Everyone is giving up one of their lunch times to help work in our vegetable garden. Thank you Talo (our caretaker) for making this wonderful garden space for us.
We planted: tomatoes, potatoes, lettuce, silverbeet, beetroot, beans, zucchini, butternut, celery, chives, and parsley. We also planted three edible flower types: calendula, marigold, and nasturtium. 


  1. What a fantastic looking garden you have set up team! I am most proud that you are contributing to your school by giving up the odd lunchtime - go you!

    I wish you could come and work on my garden at home!


  2. Hi Mr Wood and the Garden Club

    You have all worked very hard at your first meeting to plant so many plants. You are going to be rewarded with some delicious vegetables when they grow! Talo has done a wonderful job creating a garden space for you to use.

    How did you decide which vegetables and edible flowers to plant? Are you going to have a roster for watering your plants?

    Miss Y :)

  3. What a fantastic garden! What will you do with all the vegetables you grow? It is wonderful that you have volunteers to care for the garden. Good luck with your new adventure.
    From Prep K and Mrs Kennedy

  4. Hi everyone,
    I think your veggie gardern is a wonderful idea. At our school we have a Gould League club. We spend every Thurday lunch time there. Some Thurdays we will go and look at our veggie garden. There are lots of different vegetables. Do you enjoy planting? Good luck planting I hope they all grow to be yummy.
    Mia Yr 1 Oliva and Hannah Yr6

  5. Hi Team 17,
    What an awesome garden! We are currently getting our garden beds ready for some planting and I'm sure we will have lots of questions for you. One problem we had with our old garden was the slugs and aphids that used to come and eat our plants after it rained, so make sure you lay some snail bait around your plants. I can't wait to see your garden updates!

  6. Yes we do have a roster and Mr Wood choose them.
    Well... we can give the vegetables away or eat them.
    Yes the garden club enjoys planting.
    Mr Wood got snail bait and we are going to put it around the plants.

    Thank you for your comment everyone.
    Pearl and Sharnika

  7. Hi it's Alice here from Pam's class,
    That garden patch looks really cool, I hope all the plants grow healthy and delicious. Also the edible flowers sound like a nice snack to nibble on too. Wish you luck

  8. Thank you for your comment Alice.

  9. Wow guys - that's great. The garden looks like it is getting lots of care and should keep you in yummy veges.

    The Springston kids have a garden but we haven't got going again on it - we have one huge leek left and lots of strawberries coming. We need to follow your example and get digging!

  10. Wow garden group you guys did a great job nice plants there Mr Wood you really tought them well ok keep up the good work have fun blogging.

  11. Hi I am in the Garden Club and I think the garden is quite cool and are very thirsty

  12. Thank you to all of you for giving us such wonderful comments.


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