Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Visit Auckland: Challenge 3

Team 17 have brainstormed some MUST SEE things you should see in our city Auckland.
  1. Sky Tower: it is a landmark of our city; you can bungee jump from the top; you can see the whole city from the top.
  2. Harbour Bridge: you can see the city lights; you can walk over the top.
  3. Cornwall Park: feed the animals; a big beautiful view.
  4. Rainbows End: a amusement park with lots of rides.
  5. Onehunga Bay: parks and swimming.
  6. Bailey Road School: visit us and see how we learn.
Questions we have for :
Thailand: How big are the temples there? What do you use to build your houses?
Canada: What temperature is Canada normally?
South Africa: Have you ever been gold digging?
Mexico: What do you take to school for lunch? hat are your houses made of? Do you have bikes?
Australia: How hot is it there? What subjects do you study at school?

This is our third Edublog Challenge.
Photo by EssjayNZ


  1. Wow that is so cool information right there Mr.Wood and that picture of the sky tower it is ammazing.

  2. We enjoyed how to make the Cornwall Park link.

  3. Hi! You make Auckland sound like so much fun. I will most definitely visit now. What a beautiful place to live! This is funny - as I'm typing this I see that Mr. Wood just made a comment on our blog! It really is a small world :-)

  4. If I ever visit I will be sure to visit those places. If I could only go to two I would go to the Sky Tower and Rainbows End. I don't think I am going to bungee jump though. What is your favorite place there.

  5. I have to admit - you have made me homesick! I work with the scoopers in Dunedin but am originally from Glenfield on the North Shore... Might have to make a trip home soon! Thanks for the great blog!

  6. I really like the information.


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