Friday, March 5, 2010

Our Butterfly Life Cycle Literacy Experience

This term we have watched monarch caterpillars and butterflies being born, growing and changing. It has been an amazing experience. We have also reading and writing about them during literacy. Plus, we have learnt some ICT skills along the way. Some are finding and giving credit for images we use, plus of course creating slide-shows. Can you think of other ICT skills we learnt?

In reading we have been learning to find key words and information when reading.
We will know we can do this when we are able to retell the information in our own words. In writing we were learning to write simple and compound sentences.

Please look through our slide-shows and comment on as many as you like. We love to hear what you think we did well, and where we can get better.
Each slide-show is posted separately so you can comment directly to the students who created that slide-show.


  1. A while back we were able to talk with Dr Barrie Frost, a neuro scientist who studies the migration of monarch butterflies.

    Monarch Butterfly Podcast

  2. You did that too!? My second grade class did that as well. We really just found cocoons and put them in one of those butterfly cages. It took about two or three weeks for them to turn into butterflies.(It was fun):^)


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