Monday, March 22, 2010

Team Solar Moon on Global Warming

If it gets too hot in Antarctica all the ice will melt, and all the polar bears and penguins will die by drowning in the water, and the water will cause the water levels to rise, so some of the islands will be covered by water.

Edublogs Challenge 4


  1. Yes islands could be covered by water but both polar bears and penguins swim. What would be the effect of the islands being covered by water?

    You have one long, long, long sentence that is hard to read. How could you make it into shorter simple sentences that your readers can manage?

  2. The effect would be, that all the people that can't swim will drowned and all the people that can swim can't survive because. They can't swim to another country.

  3. I wish that didnn't happen to me and the world to die and I love pengins and polar bears, hope it doesn't happen to them too.


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