Monday, March 22, 2010

Team Dynamites Environmental Worries

Trees get wasted and die.
Whales are killed by the Japanese.
Rubbish are thrown away on our streets and goes into rivers.
See levels are rising which mean small islands get drowned.
People polluting, animals get strangled and hurt.
Rivers getting polluted.
Tornados, cyclones and tsunamis are happening.
The more smoke that goes in the sky and that the shield out side of the earth will start to make a hole and Antarctica will start to melt and countries will start to be flooded, there’s all already a hole in the shield.
We all need to take good care of the environment in order to save the Earth!

Edublogs Challenge 4


  1. You have thought of some good issues but have mixed natural and man-made problems together. What do your readers need to do to care for the environment?

  2. We need people to help the environment by piking up rubbish and their own rubbish.


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