Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bully Comics

Two weeks ago we saw a fun show about bullying. Two ladies acted out different types of bullying, then they showed us how to deal with them. YAY, because Team 17 does not like bullies!

Today we watched a fun music video about a bully and talked about what we thought the characters were saying (the video is below our work). Then we used a cool site called Speak Up! to create our own comics about different bully situations, and what we could do to solve them. Sorry they are small, if you click on the comic you can see them better.


  1. Wow! That was a fun way of learning a topic! I like the comic strips too! Thanks for sharing!

    Mrs She and Room 7 at Pt England School, Auckland.

  2. The comic strip ideas is great. Have your students continued the conversation about bullying since they did the assignment? Have you noticed a change in their attitudes toward each other?
    Mr. C

  3. I absolutely love the comics - what a fantastic online tool to use! I am going to check it out and try to find a way to fit them into our programme next week! Thanks Guys!

    After this task, I wonder what advice you could all give to a child that feels that nobody likes her/him and is often the brunt of jokes and put downs or last to be picked...


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