Friday, March 5, 2010

Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle by Mapili and Vivek


  1. This was a very well presented slideshow, well done!

  2. I liked how you used your own words. You used simple and compound sentences well too. Next time please give the owners of the photos credit.

  3. This blog is the best in the rest, of the test and I'll give you an A.

  4. I loved your slide show ...Ilove how it was presentated ...I liked how you blended the picture into the background.I wish me and Shradha did that on our one...I have a suggestion for you...In the interesting facts you could have added what they are used for...I love your work...Everyone asks for more espesailly since this is broadcasted on the internet which everyone goes on...So please send more ...You two make a good team...Like Pearl said You are the best than the rest...Mapili and Vivek are the BEST!!!

  5. Well done Mapili and Vivek, you have learnt great skills to create this powerpoint.
    Keep it up.

  6. WOW!!!!!!
    I loved your slideshow.
    I think you guys put a lot of effort in your work.


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