Thursday, April 29, 2010

Team Egg Drop Challenge

For the Friday challenge each team had to design a container out of the materials provided, which can be dropped from about 4 metres, but will not allow a raw egg in the container to break when it lands.

• 4 sheets A4 photocopy paper
• 1 m string
• 1 A5 sheet thin card
• 1 m masking tape
• a plastic bag
• scissors (for construction only)

Egg Drop Challenge on PhotoPeach

We are learning to work together as a team and to solve problems creatively.


  1. It looks like you had a lot of fun as you problem solved in your groups. How many eggs survived the ordeal? I would have tried hard boiling mine first, if I could have! ;-)

  2. I almost forgot to tell you's how much time do we have to do ? .

  3. It was really fun to do this game ever , everyone love's playing this fun game.

  4. There was only two eggs that scurried and there was six groups.My groups egg was one of the eggs that scurried.There was only two techniques that the six groups used and that was a parachute and a long rope.My group was the only group that used the long rope technique and it managed.

  5. hi it's ben from super seven scoopers and that egg dropping challange looks great fun we have buddied up with one of your students i'm with Kiu so keep leaving post and we will keep leaving comments and thanks for being number 1 on your class list :)

  6. Hi I'm scooper logan from ms bees class this activity must had been so fun each there must had been lots of problem solving through out the groups.

    scooper logan

  7. School was never this exciting in my day! What a fantastic team you make - a passionate, dedicated teacher and a class of hard working, smart pupils.


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