Friday, April 23, 2010

Newspaper Challenge 2

We worked in our teams to build newspaper towers. We were focussing on working together as a team.


  1. WWOW!!! How do do you guys and girls do that?? I would never be able to make that tower of newspapers that you made. How many newspapers did you use and how thick did you have make the newspapers. I live in California. Come and visit my blog. Look for the name zeus162.

  2. WOW!! I would never been able to make what you guys and girls made. That is awesome. How long did it take for you guys and girls to make it?? How many newspapers did you take to make it. How thick did you have to make it? I live in California. Come and visit my group blog. Look for zeus162.

  3. It was fun making the paper tower with my group.

  4. WOW those are so great that must of took alot of effort building a tower made out of paper.

  5. wow thts some cool work!
    i cant even make tht by myself
    must be fun making them

    From Melinda


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