Thursday, April 22, 2010

6 Hat Thinking

This afternoon Team 17 explored 6 hat thinking. Each team made a hat and researched information about it.

6 Hat Thinking is a strategy to help us think about situations.

Team Bieber Fever: Red (Feeling) Hat
Team South Park: Blue (Thinking) Hat
Team Bieber Heater: Green (Creative) Hat
Team Powerful Paua: White (Information) Hat
Team Rasta Brothers: Yellow (Benefits) Hat
Team Moon Walkers: Black (Judgement) Hat

The teams will explore the 6 hats during the term.


  1. We use the 6 hat thinking in our class but I am not sure I make it as obvious as your teacher does! What a fantastic idea to put on the red paper hat or the green paper hat depending on the task!

    Look out for our hat thinking over the next few weeks...

  2. I think that idea for thinking is really good. My class would try that, but we would not succeed. I'm Antony162 from Mr. Miller's class in California. My class is too talkative. We can't go one period without getting the teacher mad. I think if we would try that probably it would work. Thank you fro teaching me about that studying method.

  3. What kind of things did your class research?To me I think it's fun to research the internet for information like you find out about things you didn't know about before and your face expresion is like wow I didn't know that. I do a lot of research every day for example my favorite artist witch is "JUSTIN BIEBER".

  4. Hi Team 17 I think thoes hats are great wait they are thinking hats wow,I like how you guys are researching my favorite singer "JUSTIN BIEBER"

  5. nice thinking hats u guys made
    lol the team names r super funny

  6. Interesting concept, but how do you use them throughout the day? More info please!


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