Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Drawing with artist Graham Dodd

Team 17 got to draw an figure in action with Graham Dodd. Who do you think it is?


  1. I think those are rugby players and they are also great.:)Well done I am missing out on alot of fun things well LOL.:)

  2. How great is it for the students to have made connections and learned from a professional illustrator! I think the pictures the students drew are fantastic!

  3. Great sketches Team 17. Looks like rugby players in action. Was it one player in particular? What books has Graham Dodd illustrated? Ms B wonders if he is related to Lynley Dodd?

  4. Hi my avatar name is Helena.I'm from Mr.Miller's classroom in California.I loved your video.I also love drawing.I don't draw very well,but I just have to keep on practicing.How did you guys learn how to draw those people so well?Please comment back.

  5. Ello o.~
    Cool sketches of rugby players
    i think they r awesome!


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