Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Earthquake Games

We have this book Earthquake Games in our class library this term and after Mr. Wood read some the activities we tried them out for ourselves. We think they help us understand how earthquakes happen.
What do you think?


  1. Hi Team 17,
    This is a great way to demonstrate earthquakes. That looks like a really useful book. Tomorrow I'll show your videos to the class I teach as we're learning about earthquakes as well. This will help them learn more about how the plates catch and cause earthquakes.
    Ms Rogers
    Room 10 Paremata School

  2. Your Earthquake Games book looks to be really useful. I really liked your demonstrations of how earthquakes work! It's hard to imagine huge blocks of land beneath us doing this, not something I like to think about!


  3. Thank you all for your comment. I think that it is helpful to learn.

  4. I think that the games are really cool and I hop you learn more

  5. Hi Mr Wood my name is Sam and I like how you done your Earthquake.


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