Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Class Project

Mr. Wood showed us his own brainstorm of questions and information we needed to research and create. Each student was given responsibility for a part of the whole project. We all spent the day researching our areas and making our part of the project.
Earthquake Project on PhotoPeach


  1. We all put alot of effort in our work, I am so proud of my work. I love it well done Team 17. GOOD JOB

  2. Wow this turned out great.We'll we did put alot of effort in to it.

  3. I like how you guys did the project while I was away. I'm impressed!

  4. I enjoyed doing the class project. It looks great together now.

  5. Hi Mr. Wood

    There are great photo's

    Although I enjoyed doing the project.

  6. Mr Wood and class,
    That was such a creative project to understand brain storming I remember when my class studied brain storming a couple of years ago you should come check out my class blog! We are talking about Cyberbullying and bullying it is a very interesting project I posted one with a bunch of links to articles about the bully, the victim, and the top ten ways to handle a bully. BTW~My last name is BaileY! I am kazy527 on here!

    Here is our address:

  7. Those all look good and it looks I like you all worked very hard at your Earth quake project.


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