Thursday, September 2, 2010

Museum Trip

On the 24th of August we went to Auckland Museum. We went to see patterns and learn about different cultures.
First Sid showed us the Pataka. A Pataka is a old moari fridge. It usually has a few taniwhas on the outside to protect the food. The Pataka we looked at had 12 taniwha. Sid told us that only children under 7 were allowed to enter but first they had to recite their family history.


  1. Dear Mr. Wood and Team 17
    Wow, that looks like one big fridge, it has some
    great Maori patterns and designs on it too.
    When we went to camp this year we went to the Te Wairoa village in Rotorua. It showed the houses and little places that were in the Mt. Tarawera eruption. There was one of those fridges there.
    Do you know if the fridge kept the food cold (at the right temperature) or if they use it for storage?
    Do you know why it was only children under 7 that were only allowed to enter?
    From Sharnay

  2. Dear Mr Wood and Team 17, the Maori wharenui was fantastic. It must be an awesome experience visiting the Auckland museum. I have never been there. What other Maori artefacts did you see?

    From Flint and Kane


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