Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Inanimate Alice

Over the past 2 week Team 17 from Bailey Road Primary and Intermediate school have been making their own episode 5 of Inanimate Alice: Samoa. We chose Samoa because many of our class are Samoan and we also did some class research about Samoan culture. 

We have 6 groups for this challenge and we are still working on this challenge. We have already finished writing the scripts, getting sounds, writing the scripts on the slides, deciding who does what for the PowerPoint.

So far we are working on inserting sound, transitions, special effects and images. We are also adding the finishing touches. We will be sending all our digital Alice stories to Ian Harper the producer of ‘inanimate Alice’ and Mr Wood is going to enter the best Alice story into the Makeup awards. 

You can find more information on our wiki here.


  1. Hi Guys! I have always wanted to have a go at Inanimate Alice - it sounds like an awesome learning experience. I will have to find out more about this. I am really looking forward to seeing your final episode!

  2. Wow! Sounds like a great project. I hope you have a lot of fun creating it.


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