Wednesday, August 25, 2010


On the 19th of August 2010 we had our school disco. The dico was awesome. My favourite part was the time we got into a big circle and had a dance competition "GIRLS VS BOYS" it was awesome.Though we didn't have a judge!!!. Anyway a boy named Alamain did a cool dance and we recorded his dance hope you enjoy watching it.I bet all of us had fun!and I hope you enjoy our photos.


  1. Hey Bailey Road !!
    you guys might not remember me but I am Helen
    and I go to Point England . I really like your guys picture . Hope you guys have an another disco
    photos so my class can see

    Miss use all

    from Helen

  2. I wish I was there it, I bet it was awesome.

    Come visit my blog at

    From The Questioning NInja

  3. hey i am Alfonso from just wanted to say that the dancers in this video are really good.The music is cool too.

  4. Hello ,I am a student of Mr.Miller. I am new at blogging. I loved the dance video. It was hysterical.

  5. Hey my name is Kyle.I really like the music and the dance it is very cool.I listen to the music non stop.You will receive more comments from me.

  6. Hey my name is Michael. This is a cool slide show. I like it how the music is in the back of the slide. I listen to it over and over again.I can't wait to watch again.

  7. Hi My name is Julieta.I'm a student from Mr.Miller.I really like the video about the disco.I also like the rest of the videos and every thing else.


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