Saturday, September 4, 2010

Making culture wikis

This term Mr Wood told us about the net guide competition. I was so excited because I have not entered one before. This term everyone in Team 17 has been working on their wiki so hard to win.

Here are all the names of the wiki's, you can click on them to visit them.
Culture-Samoa: Bernadette, Viola, and Tyler wiki teaches us about Samoan dance.
India-rocks:Priyasha, Sheetel and Shradha's wiki on Indian culture.
Pasifica-goods: Henrica, Jan and Saylor wiki on pacific culture.
TheOceananas: Loretta, Pearl and Mapili explore some of the pacific cultures.
Tongan-kings: Shawn, Vivek and Sam explore Tongan culture.
Twoasone: Akansha, Shradha, and Catherine compare Indian and Philippine cultures.
SonsofSamoa: Eugene, Nick and Steven exploring everything Samoan.

What do you like about them so far?
What do you think they need to improve?

By Loretta


  1. My wiki is India rocks and when it is finished it will look like it will have the HISTORY AND LANGUAGE, FESTIVALS AND CELEBRATIONS and FOOD AND MUSIC on the left and on the right is *Clothes And Patterns QUIZZES, POLLS AND FUN STUFF.

  2. Hi
    That is a nice blog.
    We doing a blog about Samoan Dance with my friends Bernadette.

  3. My wiki "Twoasone" is about Indian and Filipino cultures we have lots of infromation about the two cultures. The wiki is almost finished we want to add some more information and maybe some quizes and polls.

  4. Hi this is my blog. So far what I like about our blog is the food page. Because it shows the different cultures and food they eat. There will be many more thing to come (e.g POLLS HISTORY PAGE PUZZELS GAMES AND MANY MORE)so check out our blog. We will improve our spelling errors and edit more stuff on to our blog.

  5. My Wiki is about Samoan Dance. I'm doing the Samoan Siva , Tyler is doing the Fataupati and Bernadette is doing the Sasa.My goal is to make the wiki interesting & colourful.At the end I hope to win if we don't then I will still be happy because I tried my best.

  6. Hi My Group wiki is called the Tongan Kings.
    Our pages include Food done by me, Recipes by me also,Patterns by Sam, Our references by all of us, and celebrations by Vivek.
    Also our home page is done by me.
    Our wiki will have lots of information, even recipes from Tonga.
    My group thinks we will have one of the best wikis in our class.

  7. Priyasha and AkanshaSeptember 6, 2010 at 3:14 PM

    Hi Loretta!

    We're in India-rocks but you wrote Priyasha, Sheetel and Shradha when it's suppose to be Priyasha, Sheetel and Akansha.Our wiki is based on India. We think we are going to have the best wiki because we can work together well and we already have all our details and information.
    It is really fun to have a wiki and get to work with it. We also have ingredients for lots of indian sweet(they're delicious).

    If you want to visit our wiki go on this site.

  8. Hi Loretta what a staining blog unfortunately our wiki is not in the hip hop stage but i will make sure as leader that it will be in good shape.

  9. My wiki Two as one needs some more things to be put on and more fun games to be played. Please visit me, Akansha's and Shradha's site if you want to please, I know you'll like it.

  10. My wikis on The Oceananas.My group is doing it on some of the cultures on half of the world.One of the cultures I'm focusing on mine is Samoan and Maori.

  11. Hi my name is Isaiah and my wiki is Samoan brothers our one is about Samoan culture. It has there Food,Tattoo's,Traditions,and Samoan dance we need to get more information and more photos. Please visit us.

  12. I think I need to put make our site a better one with all the clothes, our presidents and more. I think I am nearly finished.

  13. My wiki is Sons of Samoa and I am working on the kiwi and when it is finished it would look cool.

  14. Hey Loretta!

    One of my wiki's are about Fijian Indian's and Filipino's. It's called TwoAsOne. We will compare the two cultures on our wiki so if you want to know the differences you can see it on our wiki once were finished!


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