Thursday, August 5, 2010

Maori Langauge

During Maori Language week we posted videos of us using Te Reo Maori. One of our board members is Maori and reads our blog. Matua Max visited our class to congratulate us on our blog and help us correct some Maori grammar mistakes. Thank you Matua Max for helping us learn.

What is this? That (in your hand) is a pen.
He aha tenei? He pene tena.

What is that? That (over there) is a pen.
He aha tenei? He pene tera.

Thanks to Loretta, Saylor and Bernadette.


  1. Hi there,

    To answer the question at the end of your video clip “Yes I did!”. The next time that you do this, you might like to repeat the Maori dialogue a second time so that non-Maori speakers can listen again.

    I am also pleased to see that you have corrected your korero video, this shows that you are willing to take risks with your learning and then correct errors and in so doing further improve your learning. Isn’t it also great that we have parents at our school who are willing to share their expertise with us?

    Keep learning and kia pai to ra!

  2. Well done girls, I agree with Mr Linington, all learners makes mistakes but the great ones keep trying. Thank you for helping us all learn.

  3. Mr Wood and Team 17 - Its great to see the language of students being displayed online and I think it is WONDERFUL that you've corrected a mistake, we've done that a few times, because I think its important that you do things correctly. So I agree with Mr Linington about that. Would love to see more of this, and I also think that the Girls did a fantastic presentation job and they can be justifiable proud of the job that they did.

  4. Hey loretta its Arianna here
    kairangatira awesome work

    and i love miss day shh is the best

  5. Great video girls! I love that! Although I would not like to do that in German (the language we learn).

    Our school has a New Zealand choir. They have a connection with South Hornby school in Christchurch. Every second year our school goes there for a week and sings songs with each other and every other year they come here. From that I here you NZers say
    'Fush and Chups'! Is it true?

    Rachster :D ;) :D


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