Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Culture Close-up

Vivek decided to use his new found photography skills to show some close up photos of our cultural collection. I like it because you can really see the textures and designs.

Vivek said, "I took these photos from really close-up."

Can you tell what cultures some of these come from?


  1. Vivek you have learnt a new photography skill and given us a a wonder image of the cultures in our classroom. I wonder if other people will be able to guess the cultures shown in your photos. Well done.

  2. Wow, Vivek
    That is a beautiful collage. As a New Zealander, (living in Aus) I recognise many of those lovely textures. How did you put them all together like that? It is very effective. I will show our kids in Melbourne who are learning about cultures (there are a few ex Kiwi's on the class)
    Their blog http://juniorsblackburn.edublogs.org/

  3. Wonderful photography. You captured some terrific details.

  4. @Celia Thank you for commenting on my photos. Mr Wood made the collage for me, from a website.

  5. Vivek, I really like the contrast between the textures and the colors in your mosaic. While the pictures you took are pictures of art work, your pictures are also works of art! I can't wait to see more of your wonderful work!

  6. WOW Vivek, great photos. Amazing what messages you can read from images. I can see lots of Pasifika patterns in these images. I remember a photographer called Glen Jowitt who took images just like yours in a book called Pacific Pattern http://www.jowittphotography.co.nz/5102.html. Check out his website to see his images. Keep the fantastic work coming.

  7. Wow Vivek! Those photos are professional! Do you go to photography school?

    Unfortunatley, I can't recognize any cultures, sorry. I must admit, culture and religion aren't my strongest subjects. ;)

    Thanks for your comment Mr. Wood. I am glad you comment on my blog regularly. It reminds me that my blog is not only being viewed by kids.
    Keep up the awesome blog!
    Rachster :D ;) :D


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