Friday, June 25, 2010

Using Voki to reflect

This week we learnt how to use Voki. We first used it when we were showing the visiting kindergarten children around our computer suite on Monday. Then on Thursday we used Voki to reflect on our own learning. We embedded a Voki on our e-portfolios and our own blogs here please visit and leave a comment.

Have you used Voki before? How did you use it?

Get a Voki now!


  1. I have seen teachers and students to use Voki to share notices and information about school events and to record thoughts about things, I really look forward to seeing what you come across!

  2. We enjoy using voki to share our learning intentions - this helps people know how they can support us with their feedback and comments.

  3. I've just thought of another idea, we've just had a big homework project and asked the students to be reflective about it, it would have been great to be reflective about it rather than just writing straight out by using a Voki and that would have meant that other people could have listened to it as well.
    Mr Webb and Room 8, Melville Intermediate School, Hamilton, Waikato.


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