Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Our Canteen Menu

We put our canteen menu on our blog to compare it with Melville Intermediate School's menu here. Over the years Bailey Road School has been changing the prices in their canteen shop. Melville Intermediate School and Bailey Road Schools canteen shop prices have one thing in coomon, which is that some of their foods are healthier. The only disappointing thing about Bailey Road canteen shop is that one of their drinks called Sharing cannot be recycled. This is because New Zealand does not have the kind of machinery to separate the metal from the plastic.

How does our menu compare to yours?


  1. Hi im Annalize i think your blog is fantastic Thank you for leaving a comment itnik you have a good canteen list but it is exspensive Annalize,melville intermediate,Hamilton,New Zealand

  2. Hi, I'm Rachster. Great blog! Very interesting. Funny, our school doesn't have a canteen as it is a smallish school for a primary school.
    I wish it did though. Your list looks awesome. I loooovvveee half the stuff on the list! Keep up the good work.
    Rachster :D :D :D


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