Thursday, December 9, 2010


On the 9 of December our class went to Swim-a-rama (swimming.) It had the Hydro Slide, Commando course,diving and normal swimming pools plus a playground.
What we had to bring:
-Water Bottle
-2 towels
-Morning Tea

We had a lot of fun and we wish we could stay there forever.
Akansha And Shradha
Water dropping on people.
Hydro slide (Note: It's dark inside).
Henrica & Bernie on the Commando (Note: Green thing is hard to get on and is slippery.).

That's it for Thursday and we enjoyed it!!!!!!!!


  1. Oh ya!!! that looks like fun! This makes me wish it wasn't 30 degrees here so I could go swimming.

  2. We wish we were there! It is -38C now in our place in Russia :))


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