Thursday, December 16, 2010

Garden Club Harvest Sale

Our Garden Club harvested all our vegetables and herbs, then our member helped sort and bundle the vegetables and herbs. We were amazed by how much our garden produced. Our sale was very successful and we raised $150.00 for the 2011 school garden club.

Pearl- Being in the garden club was really fun because we get free vegetables and I love getting my hands dirty.

Shradha - I really enjoyed being in the garden club because we got free vegetables.

Catherine-I love to be in the Garden Club because we get a bit dirty and harvest the food.

Sheetel- I loved how we got our hands dirty and gardening is good for the summer

Sharnika - Being in the garden club was a lot of fun because we grew lots of vegetables and had our biggest harvest which we made over $100.

Team 17 wish you a merry Christmas and have a fun, safe holiday.


  1. That looks like mighty fine produce to me. What a fantastic idea to sell your produce in order to raise funds for next year's club. I wonder if you got to try new veges that you perhaps hadn't tried before?

  2. Merry Christmas to you! Looks like you have a really cool class and enjoy some great activities. We are a class of 4th, 5th and 6th graders in San Diego, California who love to connect with other students from around the world. Check us out at then go to our portfolio page to see what our kids are up to. Have your kids leave a comments and I am sure you will get many in return.
    Thanks, Matt Crosbie

  3. We are a homeschooling family in the United States in Massachusetts. We have three students ages 9,9, and 7. We read a comment from Mr. Wood on our class blog so we decided to pay you a visit. We enjoyed reading about your garden club project and fundraiser. We would enjoy contacting you via Skype. Perhaps we could discuss gardening.

    James: I like gardening. I planted sunflower seeds in the spring, but as soon as they sprouted a woodchuck came and ate them!

    Maggie: Well done. I like to do gardening too. I sometimes like to get my hands dirty, but not always. I've planted flowers and they sprouted, but I also had a problem with the woodchucks coming to eat them.

    Delia: I like getting my hands dirty too. I dig out and find worms and stick them in a cup. Mom makes me put them back when I'm finished.

  4. This Blog is awsome!
    That is a great idea to raise money for you Graden Club!


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