Sunday, December 5, 2010


In kayaking we learnt how to paddle a kayak with paddles. It was easy but Kiu's left shoulder got sore. Some people fell out a lot: Steven-5; Kiu-5; Isaiah-4; A.J-1; Nick-9 times.
During kayaking we learnt how to change direction using the paddle and we played games.

My most fun moment was trying to climb over people to swap kayaks.

It was also cool and fun because we also got to jump off the kayak. I loved jumping in the water because it was hot day. By Kiu,Nick,AJ,Steve,Isaiah


  1. It was a great day boys and you all managed yourselves well. I like how you told us about things you learnt as well as the fun stuff.

  2. Hey boys
    I really like kayaking too - did you have to learn that thing where you do a complete 360 under the water or were they non-sinkable?

  3. Sounds like you boys had fun learning how to Kayak. I've canoed before and I want to try Kayaking. Keep us updated on your kayaking experience.

  4. Haha. I love how you counted how may times each person fell in. Nice... that sounded like fun. Who dosen't like to Kayak.

  5. Do you think kayaking could become a life long hobby?

  6. Haha.who doesn't like kayaking.
    Well that sounded like a fun day guys....
    I hope you enjoyed you trips.

    Nice work Team 17


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