Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Te Mahi Kai

As you now know this is Te Reo Maori Language Week. Our class have been practicing how to it shows some of our students practicing Te Mahi Kai
(Food) in Te Reo Maori e.g Kumara/Pararewa

He aha tenei? What is this?
He iwai tenei. This is a kumara.

Video by Mapili and Sam. Blog written by Mapili.

These are other students asking what vegetables they are holding.


  1. Hey thanks for leaving a comment on our blog its nice to see people comenting our blog.

    Room8 Melville intermediate ,New Zealand, hamilton,waikato

  2. Well done all of you, I think you have done a great job at trying out your Maori language.

  3. Wow, what great language skils you're developing. I'll have to show my class these videos on Monday.

    Thanks for commenting on our blog!

    Mrs Lee, Rowandale School, Auckland

  4. Well done, kei te pai
    Mr Linington

  5. Wow Team 17, you are doing a fantastic job, this is great work. I love the Team 17 Treaty!
    What an excellent way to represent Bailey Road School - well done!

    Belinda Ryan
    Bailey Road School Board of Trustees

  6. Tena koutou katoa tekau ma whitu ruma! Tino pai to mahi Maori.

    Well done. Keep up the good work in your Te Reo Maori. Build on what you have learnt so that you do not forget it and so that you can use more Te Reo Maori.

    Great blog and good team work by you all and lead well by your kaiako, Mr Wood.

    Kia kaha i roto i to mahi!

    Na Matua Max (Guptill)

  7. Mark Leadbetter (Board of Trustees)August 2, 2010 at 2:09 PM

    Ka Pai and congratulations on how you are using technology and have embraced Maori Language week. This is a excellent demonstration your Team 17 Treaty.

  8. Hi i think your slide shows are fantastic. Thank you for leaving a comment. Annalize, Melville intermediate School, Hamilton, New Zealand.


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