Monday, July 26, 2010

Our Class Cultures

Our class was trying to find out how many people we have in each culture. On Monday we gathered up the results of our cultures and put them into a online bar chart.

Bar chart by Isaiah. Helped by Shawn.


  1. Wonderful job boys, this really helps me visualise our class cultures. This tells me 42% of our class are Pacific Islander, that includes Samoan and Tongan. You work this out by 10 divide by 24 students, then times the result by 100.

    What percentag of the class is your culture?

  2. Hi there, this is an awsome bar graph showing the ethnicities in your room. Perhaps when you get this message you will email me with your names, and a recount of what you did. I would like to put it in the newsletter. Remember to put the url in the email so parents can visit the blog site to see your work.
    Mr Linington

  3. This looks great. It is good to see what the make up of your class is. I love the graph and the graphics. Good job.
    Matua Max (Guptill)

  4. Love your graph. Our kids in Melbourne did a similar activity. It is amazing how many places they had a connection with - just like your class. They made a Google Map to show it


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