Thursday, July 22, 2010

Inanimate Alice

In class for literacy we are learning about Inanimate Alice. We read and watched episode 1 China.

iTeach Inanimate Alice

First we read the first page of the print then we came up with questions for the next page. We talked about what it means and thought that 'in' from inanimate meant opposite. Some people said it might mean not a cartoon Alice. Here is a photo of some of our questions.
external image 4807235309_8843efbe0e.jpg

The next day we watched the digital version with sound. Some of our questions were answered, for example who is Brad. We also discussed what the differences were between the digital and print versions. We asked which one was better and why? We made a T chart to collect this information.
external image 4811583402_560eb41a87.jpg

For maths that day we made a feeling chart to guess what Alice was feeling in that episode. Here is Kakarikis feeling chart. The icons at the bottom are the pages and the faces are for the moods.
We still haven't finished learning about her and we predicted that in the next episode she will go either South, East or West because she was in the North and there are four episodes.


  1. Dear Mr. Wood,

    I'm Ian Harper, the producer of the Inanimate Alice series. I would like to say how excited we all are that you are having a fun time working with this new kind of literacy. It's great to see the images of your classwork. I'm in Minneapolis in the USA but with the internet it is just like being in the next room.

    If you and your class are interested to discuss the materials, make some comments or put together a "what happens next?" idea then we would be pleased to post on Alice's website. This reaches lots of people all around the world.

    Anyhow, we do hope you continue to enjoy the story. If you have any questions, you only have to ask.

    Best wishes,

    Ian Harper
    The BradField Company

  2. I had fun doing all the activity's episode two is at Italy.

  3. I think Inanimate Alice is cool.

  4. Great example of how a lesson breaks down for us to see. I love posts like this because it helps me identify new strategies. Thanks for a great post!


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