Thursday, August 13, 2009

How we made the Mad Cows

Well first you will need the materials.
1. Cardboard; to work on, it goes under the paper and when you draw and dye it
2. White paper A3; if you have it
3. Ink Dye; different bright colours
4. Black and white crayons

First you get the cardboard to put over your desk to keep it clean.
Then you get the paper about a A3 size of paper.
Next you get a dark color crayon like black, blue or purple and you must have a white crayon too.
Draw shapes for the body like a circle for a head and a rectangle for the body.
When you have finished drawing your cow, go over it as dark as you want with a dark crayon like black. Remember don't fill in blank spaces, the ink dye will go there.
Use you white crayon to make line and marks where you don't want dye to stick.

What we did with our cows was we just did shapes for the body, legs and face.
Then when we had finished we painted different coloured dye on top.
The crayon doesn't need to be perfect because the dye fills in the gaps.

By Ben, Duot and Phoenix

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