Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Answers to our Dairy Farming Inquiry

We have been researching dairy farming as a New Zealand resource. To do this we have been using the Bailey Road School Inquiry Process TEACH.

Here we have presented some of our findings as a cow on our topic wall.


  1. In Dairy Farming I learnt about good and bad places for Dairy Farming, One of the best places for Dairy Farming is Wellington because of the good weather and good cattle. One of the bad places for Dairy Farming is Westland because of all the rain and the rain makes the grass all YUK! and muddy as well.

  2. I really like your information on dairy farming.

  3. What is the picture of the week is it a worm?

  4. One thing I learnt about Dairy Farming is that a cow has to be pregnant to give milk and that a cows milk depends on her mood, eg: if she is depressed she will give less milk.

  5. Well, I have learnt lots about dairy farming. One thing that is interesting is that cows are colour blind. That means that they can't see the colour red.

    Shweta K

  6. I have learnt many things about Dairy Farming .One interesting fact about Cows, is that Cows must drink 2 litres of fresh clean water for every litre a female cow makes .



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