Thursday, March 26, 2009

Weekly Reflections by Team 17

This week I learnt how to summarise when I read.
by Shweta. K

In the previous day I learnt maths, handwriting, written language and rat playground project.
By Damon.

This week I learnt about a new site about reading, and our first task is to summarise the main ideas when reading. by Kasanita

I learnt how to make a rat playground project and to do basic facts. My goal is to practice my swimming. by Macane

Today we learnt more about Adam and Eve and how to make a great rat playground. by Rizal

This week I learnt how to summarise the main ideas in a story. by Alex

This week we learnt to summarise the main idea and not to give our personal details to people or sites we don't know. by Fi Fi

Yesterday Mr Wood brought his rats into our class and we kept on sticling our fingers into their cage, Camilla was looking after them and so was I at morning tea. by Katrina

I learnt how to summarise my story and not give out personal information on a website. by mornkey girl.

I learnt how to summarise the main point in a Latana-M.


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