Saturday, March 14, 2009

Rat Playground Project

Our 'Creative Thinking Challenge' for the next few weeks is the Rat Playground Project.
Mr Wood brought his rats to school on Thursday and we all got to play with them and were given our technology challenge which we will be doing in groups.

The Challenge: Design and draw up plans for this rat playground, then build it using suitable materials.

You must submit a brainstorm of your ideas.
• A Keynote slide presentation of your research that justifies your plan.
• Your plans need to be drawn up on A3 paper and well labeled.
• The playground cannot be bigger than 1m x 1m x 0.30m
• The playground must be strong but easy to move and store.
• The playground must be attractive and easy to keep clean.

Each group member must choose a role:

Group Manager x 1
- makes sure everyone takes part and has a say
- plan timing of project
- makes sure all parts of the project are complete on time
- collects building materials and shares out building tasks
- leads group presentation

Keynote (slide-show) Designers x 2
- learn to use PowerPoint
- photograph or scan your brainstorm, plans and Rat Playground and insert into Keynote
- create a Keynote presentation of your project [what, why, how, your research]

Plan Draftsman / Draftswoman x 2
- Research rat, maze and plan sites. Share with group to choose design ideas
- copy or print ideas and research for your Rat Playground design and PowerPoint presentation
- draw detailed and labeled plans on A3 paper

Research Sites
The Clubhouse
Rats and Mazes
The Science Fair
Maze picture
Plan site 1
Plan site 2
Plan site 3
Plan site 4


  1. Good work guysand well done.

    by River

  2. Lovely rats Mr Wood mostly Sparks.

    by River


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