Thursday, March 19, 2009

Team 17 leaders

This is our school Soapbox Derby Team who will be putting the go-cart together and racing it this Sunday. They have worked very hard learning to put together the cart which is a mechanical jigsaw. Already they have assembled it and taken it apart a few times. Shweta K representsTeam 17 in this amazing feat. Well done, we will be cheering for you.

"On the 22 of March, Bailey Road School is racing at Auckland netball courts. Today we are getting prepared for Sunday," said Shweta K.

The Soapbox Derby team is also supported and cheered on by an incredible cheerleader squad who stunned us all at the school assembly with their powerful Bailey Road cheers. Team 17 is proud to have four members in this squad;Rebecca, Latana-Maree, Shweta C and Alex. Awesome cheering girls.


  1. Your soapbox derby teams have cheerleaders? How awesome is that!

  2. I was involed.I was the pit crew.


  3. Go Bailey You So Fine
    You So Fine You Blow MY mind!!!

  4. That is my SCHOOL!!


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