Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Our Rocky Shore Slideshows using PhotoPeach

Team 17 learnt about PhotoPeach from the Super7Scoopers blog.

We love PhotoPeach because it is easy to use. You can add text to photos, add blank pages or even create a quiz. An easy way to comment is in the comment box at the end of each slideshow.

Please click here to see all the individual student blogs. We crave your comments!

This is Sheetel's PhotoPeach story. Sheetel has also been an excellent peer tutor, teaching students how to embed their PhotoPeach code into their blogs.


  1. Ooooohhhhh- that's flash. I haven't seen a Photopeach with quizzes in them before. What a clever idea.

  2. Go Team 17! I'm like Allanah - never seen a quiz in a photo peach before. Perhaps one of you could skype one of the Room 7 techies and take them through how to do it?! It looks like you had a great day at the Rocky Shore. We would love to hear more about it and compare notes. Next week, we are heading out to our beach. It is rocky round boulders at one end and sand dunes at the other. It would be great to share and compare.

  3. I like the quiz. What a good idea. I also like the way you are using Memiary to show what you are learning. It sounds like you had a good time at the beach and found lots of creatures and plants to observe.


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