Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Visit from our Featured Artist

Martin Horspool a New Zealand artist who creates 3D sculptures of robots from recycled junk. Today he visited us and talked about his robots, how and why he makes them. He also spoke about creating balance and personality in his robots.


  1. Wow! It must be so exciting to have somebody so talented to visit your school. Thanks for sharing with us.

    Mrs She and Room 5 Pt England School, Auckland.

  2. I have seen work from the artist in Hamilton and I am sure that your students were thrilled to meet the artist himself, thats a wonderful opportunity to learn first hand for you and your students.

  3. It was great that in my opinion that the best robot maker was in Team 17's classroom to show us how to make robots from trash and it was great.


  4. It was fun and interesting becaues
    he showed us some of his robots
    and how he makes them.


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