Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Choir at Dress Rehearsal

During our school Trash to Fashion rehearsal, the middle syndicate choir members performed a song they are singing on Thursday night.


  1. Wow, Welldone!! You guys are really good:)

  2. Wow lovin the singing :-)

    By River

  3. Do you Know Mr . waller 's class blog that you looked at wich had leila 's Sci-fi story ' s on ? I'm leila ! Mr . waller told me about you r blog and I thought i might go on it . I love the Trash 2 fashion i wish i could do somthing like that and the choir was really good I could necer do a solo as good as that it was great !

  4. Hi do you Know mr. Waller 's class blog that you looked at with Leila ' s Sci-fi story on ? Well I'm Leila Mr.waller told me about your blog I thought I might have a look. I thought the Trash 2 fashion video was great I wish I could do something like that , the choir was great to I could never ever do a solo as great as that !

  5. Do you Know Mr . Waller 's class blog with Leila 's Sci- Fi story ?. Well I'm Leila Mr . Waller told me about your blog and I decided to come on. I thought the trash 2 fashion was great I wish I could do something like that! The choir was great I could Never ever do a Solo as great as that It sound 's like your class has a great time at school!

  6. you guys are the best singers ever

  7. Go Fania !
    tehe , best soloist in the choir :DD
    me jelous :o
    ` Catherine


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