Tuesday, May 12, 2009

T-shirt design

This week for home work Team 17 had to design a long sleeve T-shirt or a short sleeve T-shirt. I had decided to make a long sleeve T-shirt out of a white long sleeve vest, and a old brown t-shirt and white laces. When it was done I brought it to school and my teacher (Mr.Wood) said it was fantastic.



  1. Hi Damon,
    I think the t-shirt you created looks great. It does not appear it be made from other items, but looks like a t-shirt you could buy at a store. The design looks like a logo you might find from a clothing manufacturer. I think you might have a future as a designer.

    I teach 4th grade in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. My students are about 10 years old. We are just about to end our school year on May 26.

    Ms. Paula Naugle
    Bissonet Plaza

  2. Wow Damon, that design is fantastic! How innovative of you to use shoelaces. Did you draw up a plan of the design first?
    By the way, tell your teacher that I think your class blog is excellent!

  3. Great job Damon - YOu will be raedy to go retro and try tie-dye next :) Love the laces idea.
    Mrs Burt

  4. Damon Mr Wood said it is fantastic because it IS fantastic! It looks like the sort of shirt that you would buy in the shops and pay money for, you must be very proud and you did such a good job. Wonderful and fantastic that you could post it online so that we could see your great work.
    Mr Webb and Room 8, Melville Intermediate,

  5. Good job Damon. Nice t-shirt you made.


  6. I love your design Damon and your photo where did you buy your material from.Who helped you design it.

    From Duot


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