Thursday, May 21, 2009

Buddy Reading

Every Friday Team 17 goes to the juniors Room 7 to do Buddy Reading. Both classes love sharing reading time and Team 17 are learning to use the reading strategies they have learnt to help their junior buddies improve their reading.

This Friday we also found out some of our buddies interests. This is so that we can write and create books especially for them. Team 17 will be learning about how books are written, illustrated and made, so that their books are interesting, but also help their buddies become better readers.


  1. That looks like a realy special time you have in Team 17, buddy reading with the juniors. I bet that lots of you love getting the chance to re-read some of those favourite books too!
    Mrs Burt

  2. Good slideshow I love it so much and the music is so cool. from Duot

  3. Today i learnt how to manage my Buddy reader in reading and she was well organised in reading.It was hard to understand her reading because she is a quite reader but she is also a confident reader. by Macane

  4. Mr.Wood you are full of wonderfull things letting TEAM17 have buddies AND then making a short song about them. Theres nothing wrong I can say.



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