Thursday, April 30, 2009

Team 17 Reflection of Week 1, Term 2

Team 17 have jumped into the new term with enthusiasm and are already showing how engaged self-directed learners can be. The following reflections were made in small groups on some different topcis, and the photos were taken to reflect the subjects. Well done team 17, I am proud of you. Mr Wood.

Maths: Measuring Temperature
It was exciting when we had maths and we were finding out what the temperature was in other countries.
Team 17 has figured out how to calculate degrees Fahrenheit to degrees Celsius.

Science: Insulation and temperature
Water boils when it reaches 100C and it freezes below 0C.
For science this week, everyone in class went to the staff room with Mr Wood to get an ice-cube for the challenge. We tried to make it last long.

Our new classroom layout
The classroom looks cool and next week we will get our laptops but we don't get to play games.
Our new classroom has been layed-out for us to use laptops.

Reading Buddies
Today we got new reading buddies from room 7 and we will help them read every Friday.
My year 2 buddy is very eager to read like year six children do.


  1. Hi Room 17 it sounds like you have had a very busy and interesting term with Mr Wood. It also sounds like you have a lot of new ICT adventures ahead of you with some laptops arriving! This can only make your learning more engaging and exciting. I look forward to reading more posts about your learning. I think buddy reading with the little children really helps them with their reading and for you to be a helper it also reinforces your reading skills. Well done,keep up the great work.
    from Mrs Driver @Pakuranga Heights School

  2. Hello Team 17,
    I teach fourth grade in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. You are lucky to have such a wonderful classroom and teacher. I just read your reflections for the week and leanned that you have been very busy discovering many things. Keep up the great work.

    Check out what my students have done this year by visiting my blog at

  3. Hi this is Kristine's sister. You guys are very lucky to get laptops. I wish I was in your classroom.

  4. Today we did Buddy Reading at Room 7 and it was awesome because I tought my reading partner how
    to Chunk his words

  5. Hi this is James. I think that your class blog is awesome and I also think its interesting. I also think its also cool to put other class blogs on your blog.

  6. Hi room 17 cool blog


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